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6 speed woes...

Well not really, but who would have though driving a manual transmission would have such a learning curve. I feel sort of bad now for making Star Trek, the ship has been hit by imaginary photon torpedo jumps back in the day when I rode in Alyssa's car. Those shifts in that little fiesty honda civic seem like a knife through butter compared to the gear clashing mayhem I have going on. I guess this is why people don't learn to drive stick on a 300hp rwd sports car.  It really isn't all that bad.. but who carres if my car has sexy lines and 19 inch rims when it's bouncing down the road as if it had hydraulics from me popping the clutch too quick and missing my rev matches.

So yeah this weekend I bought a car. A 2006 black Infiniti G35 with 6 speed manual transmission. For anyone who goes "What the hell is that? Infiniti is to Nissan as Lexus is to Toyota or Acura is to Honda.  Basically it's like a Nissan 350Z except with 4 seats, and nicer interior (Bose audio, heated powered leather seats. seat memory, sunroof, hands free blue tooth, and generally a bunch of stuff I will never use). And if that doesn't mean anything to you maybe some brand name recognition might work as my car in everywhere but north america is known as the Nissan Skyline 350GT, but that's not typically how I advertise my car. When you say Skyline everyone thinks Skyline GTR which is a crazy all wheel drive super car that is fast as a Porsche 911 Turbo and can handle like no other. One of the central cars to the whole Fast and the Furious deal. My car, in comparison, is a meek 300HP RWD car, like a classier better handling Mustang GT or a cheaper BMW 335i. Sorry for all the car rant.. I seriously knew nothing until about 8 months ago.. and now I'm just stoked. Having so much fun with it.

Hmm.. what other news do I have to make consider I have been body replaced with an alien. Oh right I finally joined the masses and bought into cellular technology. So yes a cell phone. I have never had one til now, but now seemed as good as any. I mean if I was willing to spend $250 on a couple shirts that have collars and were made by Fred Penner.. no that's not right.. Fred Perry, then I'm sure a phone is a worthwhile investment. A promotion and raise at work, and lost christmas bonus suddenly showing up couldn't have happened at a better time.

Saturday I went to the Set Foot 7" inch release show which in itself wasn't as weird as walking in Seylynn for the first time in over 2 years. I was standing outside at 7:45 waiting for the doors to open which .. I haven't done .. in almost 10 years as I have been used to just walking in. In a lot of places it's the same old place, I mean the downstairs no longer has kickable ceiling panels with hidden asphestos goodness and I can no longer make out the long covered spray paint on the side of the building refering to how Mr. Solid sucks dick. The playground has been largely redone, the old swingset I spent eternity on has been retired it appears or atleast redone. But a lot of things are the same. It's funny how people look the same, have the same fashion that I knew someone 10 years ago had. It was a hardcore show so there was definately a down on the dyed hair quota. As for the show itself. What can I say it was entertaining but Seylynn sounds like Seylynn. I will get to experience it myself again on April 5th.  I saw some old faces (other bearded ones too) in the likes of Cam, Max, and Tynan who happened to come by to check out the first band of the night. And Aussie Dave was in town, who I haven't talked to in ages so that was really cool.

After that I went to Squamish to have a big bonfire with Kurtis, Duncan, Samantha, and Ross. We burnt stuff, played acoustic guitars, they got drunk, and I drove them home. First time getting to drive Duncan's van which has surpringly good handling for a 3/4 ton 5.7L V8. Cruising down the construction covered Sea to Sky listening to Unearth to keep attentive as they were all passed out. I used to hate driving. Now I actually like it. I guess the only thing that kind of sucked about the night was that someone put something int he fire... thinking it was a beer can. Either way something exploded and while they were up and away I was playing and it hit me in the neck. I have a burn mark there now but I don't see any other damage. Apparently I was protected by my grisly beard. 

Which reminds me the beard is going so soon I just want to get some band pics with it which will be happening this Friday at Pub340 as we have been added to the bill last minute. So yeah my band Break the Chains this friday at Pub 340, think of it as a way of welcoming our new singer (his first show with us) or simple a going away party for my beard. Either way it should be fun.

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