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Seylynn: Revisted

So long story short after not having played Seylynn in about 3 and a half years and not having gone there in about 2 years I find myself playing not 1, but 2 shows there in the next couple months. It's an interesting experience already and I haven't even played the shows. After spending the last couple years dealing with bar promoters who don't care about much and are about the bottom line, it's both refreshing and frusterating to be dealing with the "Seylynn Committee". It's the same old game except I find I'm just not the same person anymore. Still that aside it looks like I have two shows at the venue that served as the cornerpost for me getting into playing live music.

April 5th, 2008: Break the Chains, Between Lives, Sound of the Swarm, Break Even

This show will be the first to showcase our new singer. I'm pretty excited about that. His names Jay and he has a powerful cutting tenor that slices aggressively through our music. Plus he is 24, 6'3", has long hair and can headbang like no other, what's not to like. We'll be playing with Greg's (Gregbert) band Between Lives who we last played with at our CD Release. They are tight metal band and from what I hear only a have  few shows left before they disband. Also Sound of the Swarm is on the bill who are an awesome tech metalcore group. 

The bigger news in my opinion is the 2nd show:

June 7th, 2008: Mr Solid, Devious, Stab Rinse Repeat, She's All That

So yeah it's been like 5 years since Mr Solid became Solid, so we're doing a reunion show. Just the original 3, Josiah, Duncan, and I. We're taking it all the way back to Straight Up, playing the old songs from our full length plus hopefully a couple others. Seylynn seemed to be the perfect venue for such an event. As soon as Max Devious heard it wasn't long before he was pulling his band back together. On top of that we have Stab Rinse Repeat a very entertaining over the top death metal band featuring all ex-Seylynn band members, and She's All That the new pop punk band from the genious that brought bands like Doink Doink and the Douche Bags, and ROS. Like Reserve 34's reunion a while back which was a throw back to 1st generation Seylynn Hall, this should be a throw back to the 2nd generation who were involved bringing people back after the dead period back in 2000.  As you can tell I'm excited. Hope you all can make it out.

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