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I was driving home from work today, crawling along in traffic as always on the HWY 1 Westbound. I suppose this is a bit silly but sitting there listening to Kid Dynamite I found my self completely captivated by the view. Sorta something out of that movie Vanilla Sky (and yes not a movie I recommend). The sky was completely clear except along the horizon where the sun was just setting and the glass on the high rises downtown in the distance were all metalic bronze. Overhead hundreds of birds were flying, distance enough that they appeared as black silouhettes against the the violet sky. It was one of those summer is here type of moments I used to have when I was in school, where you fully realise that you have all this time ahead of you to do whatever you feel like. Of course I could see the snow on the North shore mountains, shining lights already lit up on Grouse. But other than the fact I didn't have all my windows rolled down all the elements were right. And I have to admit that doesn't happen to often.

Now today is like any other day. I suppose some people have reading break right now but I'm back at work tommorrow 9-5 like any other day. I honestly have never cared much about the weather. I mean this is coming from the guy who spent his summers age 11-13 inside his room in the basement most hours of the day trying to make video games, only going out in the evenings to hang out with friends or if I had the unfortunate fate of being grounded. Which at that point meant being kicked outside. It wasn't terrible. I usually found shade under a tree in the park across the street and pull out a book. Sometimes a computer programming book where I'd grab some paper to prototype some new functions. And not really much changed after that. I spent countless summer days in basements and garages practicing music while the sun sunk from the sky. In my late teens I did spend a lot of time in west vancouver at the beach and parks and I assume this is where the association came from. Of course I always had a guitar in hand but it's that sense of calm I get when sitting on a log with an acoustic out past Dundarave as the sun sets on a summer day.

I've grown much more attentive of weather of late mind you. Last weekend I was finally able to get back on some of the trails (snow covered mind you) to do those hikes I like so much. Found a new ideal place for a picnic. Not that, that is something I ever do, but I always like to keep note of these things. You never know when you are expected to do something romantic and need something to set the mood. 

Right Valentines day was last week. I forgot all about it this year. I get a call from an old friend that was pretty typical. You know "My laptop is not working I need help, pretty pretty please". Or something like that. Maybe not typical, but for me the 3rd damsel in distress over laptops in the last 2 weeks. And there I was thinking someone actually remembered my birthday. No truthfully I never broadcast so it was more of a pleasant surprise than anything. So I was like hmm.. what day don't I have band practice. Well Thursday. That sounds like a good day to fix your computer. And she says yeah sounds good, we should hang out too, as it's been a long time. It wasn't til wednesday talking to Duncan, who is absolutely infatuated with his new girlfriend, that I even realised it was valentines day. Or no no.. it was on monday when I was out for dinner with a beautiful girl with laptop issues(spilt wine on it and apparently taking it to the shop), who was lamenting over how all her Valentines days sucked. I really think I missed the hint.. but I digress. And I already had plans.

Thursdays I always work from home. Well almost always. I got a call from Erika in Louisiana in the morning wishing me a happy valentines day before she went to work.  She is working as a secretary there and saving money. I think getting away from Vancouver may have been the best thing for her and her addictions. At about 2 in the afternoon my dad calls me to coordinate with my sister getting his Valentines gift for my mom cause he didn't have time before he went into work. We got flowers and chocolates. It turned out my friends computer suddenly started working so we just hung out and I helped her move some stuff from her old place. Her and her boyfriend had just broken up on monday, so I suppose the chocolates I got her ("Since no pretty girls, should be without chocolate on Valentines Day") while I was out for my dad was pretty thoughtful. As I suspected it was the only chocolate she got all day. I got rid of the red wrapping on it to remove the romantic connotations. Everything was wrapped in red. But I think it's cool how a small gesture of human kindness can really make someones day.

This was probably maybe 1..of maybe 2 valentines days I've been single in the last 10 years. So it was a nice change up. No expectations and no pretenses. Although I feel some of my creative energies didn't come to use. I like elaborate perfectly planned out gestures. Obviously with enough flexibility to not crumble when stuff goes off. I suppose such ideas could be recycled but as the girl from the restaurant was suggesting it's the details that make the lasting impression. Perhaps I will surprise her with that next saturday if she can forgive me for missing her hints and having my head up in the clouds, not to mention already having plans although she doesn't know that.

This post really has no point. It's sorta episodic. Kinda like the movie I watched last night, "After Sex". It was interesting enough and fairly well done for an indy film, just a collection of shorts done by couples after just having sex. From in denial friends with benefits, to a gay couple(lead singer of a hair metal band and a football player) arguing over who was the butch and who was the bitch, to a couple cheating on their significant others trying to come to terms with their own breakup. It was interesting enough, would have been much cooler if the stories connected like 100 cigarettes, but same sort of feel. Just like this post would be cooler if it somehow tied together.

Oh well I just love to write. It's one of the only things I do that I feel completely creative with. When I write songs or am at work, it's more like I'm designer. I'm a song designer rather than writer. I engineer it for the most part. With the bands it's like I layout the blueprint. With solo stuff it isnt much different. Sure I write some parts, especially lyrics in a conventional way but everything is deliberately constructed. But here I really don't know what I will write next or when I will stop.
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